Running Myths

At one point or another, people begin to assume that they are experts at something just because they have tried it out a few times and whilst this demonstrates a brilliant passion for a particular activity, it often leads to the spreading of false information, giving way for a variety of different myths to form. In this blog, the team here at The Healthy Living and Fitness are going to go over some one the most common myths that circulate the running industry…

Myth: Running is bad for your knees

There is a certain logic behind this myth as every stride a runner takes technically hits the pavement with a great force and suggests that your knees will take the impact. On the other hand, the evidence suggests that the opposite is true. In fact, conditions known to impact runners like arthritis are more likely to occur in those who are genetically susceptible whilst the most threatening thing to the health of our knees is actually obesity.

Myth: Eating bananas helps prevent muscle cramps

We’ve all heard that the potassium inside bananas is good for runners because it can help us avoid muscle cramps however the research surrounding this doesn’t seem to support the myth and Tim Noakes, an exercise physiologist, has suggested that cramping after exercise is more to do with muscle fatigue and dehydration, rather than low potassium.

Now you know the facts behind some of the most popular myths know to runners, it’s time to get your workout gear ready and go get your sweat on! After all, you are equipped with the knowledge you require to succeed. If you have any running myths to debunk, speak to a member of the team today and make sure to check back for our next blog too!

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