The Importance of Safe Running Footwear

A surprising number of runners actually wear unsuitable footwear for the workouts that they complete. After all, the terrain that can be found outdoors is incredibly varied, particularly if an athlete likes to partake in off-road running, which means that a supportive pair of trainers is an essential part of any outfit. Read on as the team here at The Healthy Living and Fitness go over a few reasons why safe footwear is essential for runners..

Do running trainers help prevent injuries?

It is no secret that running footwear is typically more expensive than a pair of generic trainers purchased from a supermarket and there is good reason for this. After all, they are often crafted with the running style, foot shape and specific needs of the buyer in mind in order to offer the ankle the support it needs to withstand the repeated impact of each stride. As a result, running footwear is particularly beneficial when it comes to injury prevention.

Can the correct footwear improve athletic performance?

When a runner’s feet and ankles are offered the support and protection that they need, it allows the athlete to focus on their athletic performance closely without worrying about the risk of injury. After all, running trainers may not be able to completely prevent an accident from taking place but improved comfort, focused airflow and ankle support are all essential components that can improve a runner’s speed and stamina.

Why is arch support so important?

Runners with flat feet often have to purchase insoles for their everyday shoes in order to obtain the comfort they need which is why arch support is so important in running trainers. After all, poor fitting footwear can lead to painful joints and a decreased level of athletic performance, particularly for those with flat feet. Luckily, there is a market that caters specifically for runners with arch-less or over-arching foot shapes.

An injury that is obtained from unsupportive trainers can happen in a matter of seconds and set back months’ worth of progress. After all, the average sprained ankle can take anywhere between 2 weeks to 6 months to heal depending on the severity of the accident. To find the perfect footwear for your running needs, check out Laced’s online trainers range or speak to a member of the team today!