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Did you know that the health and fitness industry is a global market worth around $4.2 trillion? In fact, there is a continuously growing demand for products, services and information every single year. Luckily, anybody and everybody can change their lifestyle with the right knowledge as long as they have the drive to motivate themselves.

Exercise can be a touchy subject for some and this makes it difficult to peel couch potatoes away from the comfort of their living room. After all, a lack of experience and a fear of being judged is the number one reason why complete beginners prefer to hide inside with their microwave meals. As the middle man between information and services, The Healthy Living and Fitness team are here to provide you with all the tips and tricks you need to kick-start your fitness journey the right way. From cardiovascular workouts to get the bloody pumping to advice on how to safely exercise using free-weights, our blogging platform is the Holy Grail of fitness gossip.

Of course, we really are what we eat too! That is why we believe that there should always be an equal balance between diet and exercise in order to nurture a lifestyle that is sustainable. Macronutrients, calorie counting and bulking are all industry-sensitive jargon that the average person may struggle to understand, and The Healthy Living and Fitness team aim to blur the lines between novice and expert in order to bring you information that is accessible to everyone regardless of experience.

Here at The Healthy Living and Fitness, we want to separate fact from fiction through our blogging platform in order to bring you high-quality, reliable content direct from the horse’s mouth about all-things fitness, clean eating and healthy living. To hit ‘‘play’ on your brand-new lifestyle, check out our blog feature today!