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The Correct Way to ‘Bulk’ and Build Muscle Mass

For many years, muscle mass has been associated with body building and a physique that is almost impossible to achieve without complete dedication and an unrealistic lifestyle. Luckily, this couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact, there are actually many misconceptions that are taken as fact when they aren’t exactly coming from a reliable …

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3 Healthy Christmas Snacks to Put You in the Festive Spirit!

Contrary to belief, Christmas calories count just as much as regular calories! Although many people prefer to let lose over the festive period and kick-start their healthy eating regime again in the New Year, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy the seasonal splendour whilst also watching what you eat. Read on as we …

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The Physical Symptoms of an Anxiety Disorder

You may be right in thinking that an anxiety disorder is a mental health condition and so therefore the symptoms must occur inside the brain; however, it isn’t uncommon for patients to manifest their anxiety through physical symptoms too. This can cause a lot of distress and actually exacerbate the problem as sufferers begin to …

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