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The Physical Symptoms of Grief

Grief can be one of the most painful and distressing emotions that people can experience. To lose someone you love is a terrible thing to have to go through, and it can take us years to fully process the loss and its impact on us. Managing grief is important, because grief can cause us a …

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Benefits of a Vegan Diet

Veganism is all the rage these days! From being a vague fringe habit just a decade or two ago to today’s estimates that over a million British citizens have ditches animal products, veganism has shot to popularity in recent years. Try-it-yourself events like Veganuary, ramped-up efforts of animal rights activists, and the ongoing revelation of …

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ETF Tapping as a Treatment for Depression

For those who haven’t come across this term before, tapping is an emotional freedom technique (EFT) designed to aid in reducing stress, treating depression and anxiety, and helping us to manage our mental health. Tapping is similar to acupuncture without using needles, otherwise known as acupressure. Acupressure techniques focus on the body’s “meridian points” or …

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