The Importance of Marinating Meat

Many people see cooking as an artform because there can be beauty found within a piece of meat that has been well-seasoned and cooked to perfection. In fact, a balanced marinade can enhance the flavour and texture of meat in a way that traditional seasoning just cannot achieve. Luckily, there are dozens of different ways to make a marinade. Read on as the team here at The Healthy Living and Fitness go over everything there is to know about the importance marinating meat…

What is a marinade?

By definition, a marinade is a mixture of spices and seasonings that are mixed with oil in order to create a liquid solution. Meat is then soaked in this solution for a number of hours in order to add flavour, retain moisture and make it more tender by starting the cooking process ahead of time. This is especially noticeable when acidic ingredients like pineapple and vinegar are added to a marinade.

How long does it take to marinate meat?

There is a lot of debate regarding the length of a high-quality marinade in the cooking industry. After all, these timeframes depend on the ingredients that have been placed into the solution as very acidic marinades can actually toughen meat overtime rather than make it more tender. As a rule of thumb, it is recommended that amateur chefs marinade meat for 3-24 hours depending on the type of meat and its cut.

Which meats are suitable for a marinade?

The rules of marinating can differ from meat to meat as each type comes with an optimum marinating time. For example, shellfish should be marinated for no longer than 15 minutes whereas seafood can be marinated for 20-30 minutes. Following on from this, white meats like chicken should be marinated for 3-12 hours whereas red meats like beef and lamb can be marinated for 3-24 hours. Luckily, it is possible to marinate every type of meat and the length of time for white and red meat is simply a guideline rather than a compulsory step.

A marinade is the perfect way to improve the flavour of a healthy meal that makes a person want to reach for a burger and French fries. After all, a chicken salad doesn’t have to be boring! Royal Nawaab is a restaurant in Manchester and London that specialises in the creation of authentic Indian and Pakistani cuisine. In fact, marinating is an essential process for a curry. To book a table, get in contact with a member of the Royal Nawaab team today!

Pros and Cons of New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

According to statistics, around 11% of gym memberships are taken out during January with around 30% stating that it was part of a New Year’s resolution to lose weight and get healthier. After all, it is thought that the majority of these resolutions are fitness related as couch potatoes and exercise avoiders vow to make a change to their body. Read on as the team here at The Healthy Living and Fitness go over some of the different pros and cons of setting a fitness related New Year’s Resolution…

Pro: Making a resolution can improve a person’s mindset

For many people, the idea of starting a new fitness regime on a specific day can help them stay on track. In fact, the majority of people will begin a new diet on a Monday morning because the idea of a brand-new week has a psychological influence on their progress. Similarly, a New Year’s fitness resolution that starts in a fresh year allows people to put their previous mistakes to bed and focus on the future more effectively. 

Con: The majority of people will throw in the towel by February

With this said, around 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by the second week of February. Although these figures don’t account solely for fitness related goals, it is no secret that many resolutions tend to aim too high too soon. As a result, a person attempting to lose a lot of weight in the new year can become demotivated when the results don’t happen as quickly as they expect, causing them to throw in the towel before they have even begun.

Pro: A start date allows people to prepare in advance

A lot of people see New Year’s fitness resolutions in a negative light because it gives people the ability to procrastinate their goals until the 1st of January arrives. On the contrary, this timeframe also allows people to prepare for the schedule they want to adopt by purchasing the correct footwear, workout clothing and a membership from an affordable yet respectable gym without rushing or panicking.

It is important that fitness related resolutions are not overwhelming as many people overestimate their ability by mentally committing to an unrealistic gym routine. As a result, their motivate dwindles quickly and they are left wondering where things went wrong. In fact, preparation is key and the correct footwear is essential for any budding runner in 2020. Check out Laced’s online trainers range today to find out more information!

The Importance of Carbon Monoxide Detectors

There are many laws in place that make it a legal requirement to install a smoke alarm inside residential and commercial properties. With this said, statistics from a 2017 study found that around 46% of homeowners didn’t have a carbon monoxide alarm in place whilst 23% didn’t even know what they were. Since CO poisoning claims around 50 lives a year, the team here at The Healthy Living and Fitness have decided to go over three reasons why a detector is so important…

Can carbon monoxide be easily detected?

Many property owners are unaware the carbon monoxide is notoriously difficult to detect because it does not have a distinctive aroma, colour or taste. As a result, people without a detector in place will inhale small amounts of carbon monoxide for several weeks before the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning start to exhibit which is why it is important to invest in an alarm.

Why is carbon monoxide poisoning dangerous?

Carbon monoxide enters the blood stream when it is inhaled and this means that prolonged exposure to the gas can lead to a dangerous medical condition called carbon monoxide poisoning. This occurs when the oxygen in the blood is gradually replaced by carbon, preventing the body from obtaining the oxygen it needs to survive. Known as a silent killer, carbon monoxide poisoning is often mistaken for flue because the symptoms include headaches, weakness, dizziness, nausea and shortness of breath. Many homeowners find out they have high levels of CO inside their property after falling ill, however a detector can alert people to very small levels and ensure that the problem is dealt with before carbon monoxide poising manages to take hold.

How does a carbon monoxide detector work?

There are a variety of different types of carbon monoxide alarms available on the market that all work in different ways to alert homeowners to the presence of the dangerous gas. For example, biomimetic sensor systems have a gel that changes colour when carbon monoxide is absorbed which then triggers the alarm; metal oxide semiconductor systems have a silica chip circuitry that lowers the electrical resistance when carbon monoxide is detected, triggering the alarm; and electrochemical sensor systems are fitted with electrodes that are immersed in a chemical solution and sense electrical current changes caused by carbon monoxide to trigger the alarm.

As one of the most dangerous gases around due to its lack of taste, colour and smell, carbon monoxide is often created during the incomplete combustion of carbon-based fuels like coal, firewood and gas. As a result, the team at Pearson Fuels are urging homeowners to invest in a carbon monoxide detector. To find out more information about burning residential fuels safely, get in contact with the best coal merchants on the market today!

The Festive Spices of Christmas

Although many people tend to think about sweet and savoury dishes when it comes to Christmas, there is nothing wrong with the implementation of spice too. In fact, there are dozens of different spices that are frequently added to festive dishes in order to improve their flavour and excite the taste buds! Read on the team here at The Healthy Living and Fitness go over the top three…


Perfect for both sweet and salty dishes, cinnamon is a warm spice that simply screams Christmas. After all, it can be found in baked treats, apple sauce, warm drinks and even decorations thanks to its signature aroma. Interestingly, cinnamon is frequently used medicinally in order to treat indigestion and nausea, however it makes a great sweetener in Christmas cookies or sprinkled inside a traditional cinnamon roll.


Grown in Jamaica, Africa, India, Australia and China, ginger is the root part of the plant and is a popular spice used in order to make Gingerbread Man cookies. In fact, no Christmas is complete without attempting to construct a gingerbread house that stands for longer than five minutes! Known for adding warmth and spice to a dish, ginger naturally reduces inflammation and is often drank in tea.


With its warm and spicy aroma, Nutmeg is a popular Christmas ingredient that is traditionally used in both mulled wine and Christmas pudding. In fact, it can actually be added to ginger tea in order to settle the stomach after a big meal. With this said, the spice is toxic in large quantities which is why it is typically used sparingly.

According to statistics, the traditional turkey Christmas dinner is going out of fashion each year as families are starting to look for more convenient and interesting alternatives. In fact, a surprising number of British people actually go out to a restaurant rather than cooking themselves and many will entertain foreign delicacies too. If you’re looking for spicy and authentic Indian and Pakistani cuisine this Christmas, Royal Nawaab, a restaurant found in Manchester and London, has got you covered! Get in contact with a member of the team and book your table today!

3 Ways to Burn Christmas Calories

Although it is said that ‘calories don’t count’ during the festive period, many people will discover that they have put on an extra pound or two in the New Year. Luckily, it is possible to combat Christmas calories with a few simple steps. Read on as the team here at The Healthy Living and Fitness go over three easy changes that will help shed winter weight and encourage a healthy lifestyle…

Set a New Year’s Resolution

According to statistics, the majority of new year’s resolutions are weight loss related, however just 1 in 10 people will achieve their goals by the following year. As a result, it is important to create small tasks that break down the full weight loss aim as this provides a sense of achievement each time and people are more likely to stick to their resolution rather than give up when the going gets tough.

Make Healthy Changes to Your Diet

Everybody is guilty of consuming too much during the festive period by telling themselves that ‘Christmas calories don’t count’, however the reality is that they do. Luckily, it is possible to shed the pounds by swapping mince pies and chocolate for fruit, vegetables and home cooked meals. After all, weight loss is 80% diet related because it is impossible to out-train a poor diet.

Start a Fitness Related Hobby

It is not uncommon for gyms to get busier in January, however this can be an off-putting environment for those who are unfamiliar with how the equipment works or feel uncomfortable inside the building. Luckily, it is possible to get a good workout from a fitness related hobby too! For example, dancing, running, playing sports and swimming are all examples of cardio related exercise that will provide the same results as using a gym facility.

The biggest challenge that many people face when it comes to fitness goals that start after the Christmas period is staying on track. After all, most gyms get quieter in March because many people decide to throw in the towel before they’ve even really started. Luckily, an investment in the right footwear will ensure that an injury doesn’t get in the way. Check out Laced’s online trainers range today to find out more information!

Diet vs Exercise: The Lowdown on Weight Loss

With 2020 drawing nearer, it is safe to say that there are thousands of people who make weight loss their new year’s resolution and fail to stick to it by the end of the first quarter of the year because they overcomplicate the process. In fact, many people will spend hours upon hours running on a treadmill when exercise makes up just 20% of every weight loss journey. Read on as the team here at The Healthy Living and Fitness go over everything there is to know about losing weight…

What is a balanced diet?

For a diet to be considered balanced, it should include the recommended daily amount of fruits and vegetables, at least two litres of water per day and a sweet treat every now and then. In fact, tracking the consumption of macronutrients is the most effective way to ensure that a diet is balanced because protein is required to preserve muscle mass and encourage fat loss, carbohydrates provide our body with energy and dietary fats support cell growth and help our body make vital hormones.

Is cardio necessary to lose weight?

Cardiovascular exercise is the name given to any type of workout that gets the heart beating faster than usual such as running, cycling, swimming, boxing, dancing, and even hiking. It is important because it allows our muscles to adapt and ensures that blood is transported around the body effectively. With this said, exercise makes up just 20% of a person’s weight loss regime because it is impossible to out-train a bad diet. As a result, it is entirely possible to lose weight without exercising and following a healthy diet plan, but this is not recommended.

Is weight training just for body builders?

Many people incorrectly presume that lifting weights will leave them looking like a body builder, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, weightlifting is a popular form of exercise that can actually assist weight loss when coupled with the right diet because the weights help the body preserve muscle and encourage it to burn fat instead. After all, muscle is much easier to burn for energy than fat so the body will use it first unless a diet and exercise regime actively prevents it.

In order to lose weight at a sustainable rate, it is important that people track their calorie intake and ensure that the food they put in their mouth is nutritious and beneficial. After all, chocolate and cake may increase our energy levels but the result is short-lived. With this said, exercise is also important for our cardiovascular health and should never be neglected! To find the best workout shoes for all your weight loss needs, check out Laced’s online trainers‘ range today!

The Health Benefits of Chimney Sweeping

Here at The Healthy Living and Fitness, we are committed to our readers and their health which is why we like to bring awareness to the mistakes that many homeowners make when it comes to the cleanliness of their chimney. After all, the number of stoves and fireplaces in use tends to increase as the temperatures drop and it is essential that property owners have their chimney swept in preparation. Read on as we go over some of the health benefits that can be obtained from regular chimney sweeping…

What is creosote build-up?

When carbon-based fuels are burned, they release gases and soot which are removed from a property via the chimney. As they rise, they cool and condense on the sides of the flue and build up a flammable substance known as creosote. Although it is safe in small quantities, thick deposits of creosote can catch alight and start a very dangerous chimney fire and when a chimney is swept by a professional, the amount of creosote is reduced in order to prevent such situations from occurring.

How are the by-products created during combustion removed?

Carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide are two gases that are created during the burning of carbon-based fuels like coal and firewood and they are typically removed by the chimney flue. With this said, thick levels of creosote can reduce the amount of space that is available, preventing the gases from being deposited outside of the home effectively. As a result, some gas may remain inside the home and can put the respiratory health of homeowners at risk, however regularly chimney sweeping ensures that the flue does not become blocked by soot and creosote.

Why is carbon monoxide so dangerous?

The incomplete combustion of coal and firewood can lead to the creation of carbon monoxide (CO) instead of carbon dioxide and the presence of this gas can put homeowners at risk when the ventilation of a property is not adequate enough due to thick creosote build-up. After all, CO is notoriously difficult to detect because it is tasteless, odourless and colourless; in high levels it gradually enters the bloody stream, replaces the oxygen molecules and causes carbon monoxide poisoning. Luckily, a CO detector often alerts homeowners to presence of carbon monoxide before they start to develop serious symptoms like fainting, headaches, nausea and dizziness and a routine chimney sweeping service will ensure that CO is safely removed via the chimney.

Although it may seem like an inconvenience, a chimney only needs to be swept twice a year by a professional who knows what they are doing. As a result, homeowners are able to make full use of their stove or fireplace without worrying about the possibility of a dangerous creosote ignited chimney fire! To find out which fuel is suitable for your burning requirements this winter, get in contact with the best coal merchants on the market and speak to a member of the Pearson Fuels team today!

The Importance of Safe Running Footwear

A surprising number of runners actually wear unsuitable footwear for the workouts that they complete. After all, the terrain that can be found outdoors is incredibly varied, particularly if an athlete likes to partake in off-road running, which means that a supportive pair of trainers is an essential part of any outfit. Read on as the team here at The Healthy Living and Fitness go over a few reasons why safe footwear is essential for runners..

Do running trainers help prevent injuries?

It is no secret that running footwear is typically more expensive than a pair of generic trainers purchased from a supermarket and there is good reason for this. After all, they are often crafted with the running style, foot shape and specific needs of the buyer in mind in order to offer the ankle the support it needs to withstand the repeated impact of each stride. As a result, running footwear is particularly beneficial when it comes to injury prevention.

Can the correct footwear improve athletic performance?

When a runner’s feet and ankles are offered the support and protection that they need, it allows the athlete to focus on their athletic performance closely without worrying about the risk of injury. After all, running trainers may not be able to completely prevent an accident from taking place but improved comfort, focused airflow and ankle support are all essential components that can improve a runner’s speed and stamina.

Why is arch support so important?

Runners with flat feet often have to purchase insoles for their everyday shoes in order to obtain the comfort they need which is why arch support is so important in running trainers. After all, poor fitting footwear can lead to painful joints and a decreased level of athletic performance, particularly for those with flat feet. Luckily, there is a market that caters specifically for runners with arch-less or over-arching foot shapes.

An injury that is obtained from unsupportive trainers can happen in a matter of seconds and set back months’ worth of progress. After all, the average sprained ankle can take anywhere between 2 weeks to 6 months to heal depending on the severity of the accident. To find the perfect footwear for your running needs, check out Laced’s online trainers range or speak to a member of the team today!

Three Healthy Ways to Cook a Chicken

As one of the most versatile meats on the market, there are dozens of different ways that a chicken can be cooked and a wide range of different dishes that it can be implemented into. Here at The Healthy Living and Fitness, we want our readers to explore their palate and revive their love for cooking whilst understanding the fundamental basics of cooking white meat. Read on as we go over three healthy ways that chicken can be cooked…


Roasting a chicken is the most traditional way to cook a bird whole. The length of time that the chicken stays in the oven depends on its weight as smaller chickens will cook in around one hour whereas larger chickens can take around 1 hour and 40 minutes. The bird should be placed in a deep container and seasoned before coating with tinfoil. During the last 20-30 minutes, the tinfoil can be removed in order to crisp the skin without affecting the juices inside the meat.


In order to bake a chicken, the different parts should be separated from each other and then covered in a seasoning of choice in order to create tasty, handheld pieces of meat that will cook in less than half the time of a roasted chicken. Although many people choose to leave the skin on, removing the skin will reduce the fat content of the meat and make a meal using roasted chicken considerably healthier.


When it comes to speed, flavour and health, grilled chicken manages to tick all the boxes. Interestingly, many people choose to grill the breast of a chicken because it is the easiest part to marinate and cook without losing any of the flavour. Depending on the size of the chicken breast piece, it is possible to achieve the signature grill marks in just 4-6 minutes and these crowd pleasers are typically paired with a healthy salad.

Chicken is a meat with a high protein and low fat content which makes it incredibly popular with athletes and runners. With this said, eating the same thing every day can become rather mundane which is why new and exciting cooking styles can add a splash of creativity to meal times. Royal Nawaab, an authentic Indian and Pakistani restaurant in Manchester and London, use halal chicken in a range of dishes in order to offer their guests an experience they will never forget. To book a table, get in contact with a member of the Royal Nawaab team today!

The Health Benefits of Spicy Food

Spices have been around for thousands of years and were even used medicinally by the Chinese, Indians and Ancient Egyptians. With this said, the modern approach to spice focuses on its infusion in a range of savoury dishes from all over the world, however, it is still possible to reap the healing properties they were once known for. Here at The Healthy Living and Fitness, we want our readers to understand the benefits that can be obtained from implementing certain spices in their diet. Read on to find out more…

Can spicy food improve your digestive system?

It is thought that our taste buds and digestive system are more connected than scientists previously realised. After all, the same receptors that communicate with the brain to tell us when capsaicin, the active component that makes chilli peppers hot, has been detected are also found in the gut. When it enters the digestive tract, capsaicin actually creates a chemical known as anandamide which has been shown to reduce the inflammation caused by conditions like Chron’s disease and ulcerative colitis. 

Does curcumin help prevent cancer?

Found in Turmeric, curcumin is a chemical compound that occurs naturally and is thought to hold miracle properties when it comes to the treatment of cancer cells. After all, research has shown that curcumin can reduce the growth of malignant cells and even prevent them from developing, particularly when it comes to breast cancer, cervical cancer and stomach cancer.

Is spicy food an effective remedy for heart disease?

According to a doctor at the University of Maryland, turmeric and red peppers have a noticeable effect on the body’s circulatory system. After all, capsaicin, which is found in hot peppers, can cause the blood vessels to dilate and effectively reduce the blood pressure of patients. In addition to this, turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties are thought to work by reducing cholesterol and allowing damaged blood vessels to heal properly.

Here at The Healthy Living and Fitness, we believe that a healthy balance of spice in the diet is the perfect way to satisfy the taste buds whilst ensuring that the body remains healthy. After all, turmeric is a popular ingredient used in Indian and Pakistani cuisine that is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. For the perfect blend of spice and flavour, get in contact with the best restaurant around and make a booking with Royal Nawaab today!