How To Clean Your at Home Gym Equipment: A Comprehensive Guide to a Healthier Lifestyle

Home gyms are great, it’s a safe sanctuary where you can unwind and work out in your own home without the pressure of judgement. A lot of people prefer home gyms to public gyms, we can totally see why! But is your home gym clean?

If you’re wanting to give it a deep cleansing, then this is the article for you! In today’s comprehensive guide, we are going to be advising you on the best 3-step routine to clean your home gym. Avoid the growth of bacteria and maintain the cleanliness of your space by continuing reading on!

Remove Dust

    Removing dust from the equipment and the air in the room is a great first step to making your home gym looking and smelling great.

    Clean air is vital for good health, when your heart rate is high and your lungs are continuously expanding, dirty and dusty air is very unhealthy to be breathing in. To trap this dust, we recommend using a microfibre cloth or a dust magnet, they are both affordable methods to achieving a clean atmosphere without the fuss of a bunch of cleaning products that could be even more toxic.

    Wipe Down Equipment

    Wiping down your gym equipment whether it is free weights or a treadmill, you must ensure that all surfaces, handles, and touch points have been cleaned to stop the spread of bacteria and to remove any dust that escaped the microfibre cloth or dust magnet the first time! Antibacterial surface spray and wipes are perfect for this. You can also never go wrong with an antibacterial fresh air spray to use throughout the room to make sure the air particles are fresh.

    Ensure That All Hardware Is Installed Safely

    Ensuring the hardware is installed safely is vital before using the equipment in your gym. Check your equipment to confirm that all screws are tightened, cables are tucked away, and nothing is looking worse for wear. This will prevent any accidents happening and it also preserves the quality of your home gym, making it last longer!

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