How to Exercise Safely After an Injury

Vigorous exercise or pushing your body too far, especially as a beginner, is often thought to be the number one cause of exercise related injuries. It is important to take things at a comfortable pace as a particularly nasty sprain can leave you out of action for a minimum of 6-8 weeks and undo all of your hard work. With this said, easing yourself back into exercise post-injury is a delicate process. Read on as we go over 3 top tips to keep in mind…

Mentally Prepare

Whether you’ve been on rest for 6 weeks or 6 months, it is important to recognise that your body won’t be able to do everything that it was able to do prior to your injury. This can be a difficult and frustrating reality for many people so it can be helpful to mentally prepare for a return to exercise by recognising the changes that need to be made. The sooner you understand that time is all your body needs, the easier it will be to workout again.

Start Slowly

The worst thing that you can go after a nasty accident is jump in at the deep end. After all, your doctor may have given you to go ahead to hit the gym again, but that doesn’t mean that your body is strong enough to handle a 10 mile run or lifting heavy weights after a lengthy break. Always start slowly to reduce the impact that is placed on your joints and the part of your body that was injured whether it be your ankle, leg, back or arm.

Listen to Your Body

Even if you haven’t sustained an injury, it is crucial that you know when enough is enough. When something starts to hurt, you’ve reached your maximum exertion ability and should call it day or entertain another exercise that isn’t so strenuous. This is particularly important post-injury as ignoring the signs that your body displays when it has had enough can be dangerous and may even lead to another injury.

Remember, your body isn’t a machine and needs to be treated with care in order to perform the exercise you desire. This means that you need to consume a balanced diet and recognise the signs that display a need for rest and recuperation. If you do happen to sustain an injury, always follow your doctor’s advice and never return to exercise early.