3 Tips for Running a Marathon

As one of the hardest fitness feats in the world, around 40,000 people compete in the London Marathon every single year! Here at The Healthy Living and Fitness, we want to provide our readers with all the knowledge they need to know before taking on such a mammoth task as a lack of preparation can lead to serious injuries. Read on as we go over three top tips to keep in mind when preparing to run a marathon…

Invest in the Correct Footwear

Running for 26.2 miles is hard enough without having to factor in poor fitting footwear. As a result, it is imperative that participants invest in a high-quality, durable and supportive pair of trainers that are up to the job in order to reduce the likelihood of a nasty injury. In addition to this, the correct footwear can also prevent blisters and reduce bruising on the toes – two nasty outcomes that most runners have to deal with post-marathon.

Train, Train, Train!

When signing up to a marathon, it is important that runners have enough time to prepare their bodies and train for the real thing. In fact, most people will actually run an entire marathon in preparation as this ensures that they have the mental and physical capability for the big day. Usually, it takes around four months to train for a marathon, however some people may need six months depending on their fitness level and stamina.

Remember to Warm Up

Prior to the commencement of a marathon, runners should ensure that their muscles are adequately warmed up. This is because the body is put at serious risk of an injury if dynamic and static stretches are not carried out ahead of time. In most circumstances, runners will warm up 30-40 minutes before the marathon, however this can be altered slightly to suit the needs of each individual.

It is safe to say that novice runners should stay far away from the marathon sign-up sheet until they have got a hefty number of miles under their belt. After all, it is a mental task as much as it is a physical task and trying to do too much too soon can actually have a negative effect on the mindset of a runner. To find out more information about preparing for a marathon, get in contact with a member of The Healthy Living and Fitness team today!