Ten Quickfire Health Tips!


  1. Do as many sit ups as you can manage each night whilst waiting for your television programme to come on.
  2. Sit up straight, watch your posture.
  3. Drink eight glasses of water a day and always have a bottle of water in your bag during the day.
  4. Stand up and stretch during work hours or if you’re watching a film for example, stretch during the breaks.
  5. Get some fresh air! Throw open the windows and doors, let the air flow through the house, and get outside for some sun on your face and your skin.
  6. Don’t neglect yourself – shave your legs, use a body scrub, moisturise your face, trim your beard, scratch your scalp, use a revitalizing mist, brush your hair, wax your brows. Nothing fancy, just give yourself a boost.
  7. Go for a walk. Take the dog, the kids, a friend or simply go by yourself. You don’t have to think, just walk.
  8. Resist that chocolate bar or bag of sweets. There’s no need for it. Nothing bad will happen to you if you don’t eat it. You’re not missing out. You don’t need it.
  9. Eat more fruit. Try new fruits, too. Chop it all up and chomp away. You’ll soon start seeing the benefits.
  10. Get enough sleep, or at least, enough down time. Even if you can’t sleep at night, as long as you are in bed in a comfortable position with your eyes closed, just breathe deeply and relax. Your body needs it.

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