The Different Types of Athletic Trainers

Exercise is difficult to define because it can be undertaken in a variety of different ways. After all, some people prefer the convenience of a gym whilst others like to partake in a particular sport in order to make the whole experience more enjoyable. With this said, people tend to underestimate the dangers of taking part in a sport without the correct footwear, especially when there are different types for each and every activity. Read on as we go over the top three…


Although there is very little need to invest in specialist footwear for day-to-day walking, those who frequently partake in long neighbourhood walks should ensure that their trainers are up to the job. After all, fashion footwear is known to lack support and breathability which means that they can cause blisters and foot sores when worn for an extended period of time. Luckily, walking shoes are one of the most affordable varieties of athletic trainers on the market.


The way that we run may be similar to walking, however the impact that is placed on the joints is considerably higher. As a result, it is essential that frequent and dedicated runners invest in a high-quality pair of running shoes that are designed with their foot shape, pronation type and running style in mind. After all, a lack of support during on-road running can lead to avoidable ankle sprains and the formation of blisters.


As the most difficult variation of running, off-road or terrain tracks are known for their steep inclines and declines as well as their sudden ability to change surface. This means that runners must invest in footwear with a grip in order to ensure that any lose gravel will not cause an injury. In addition to this, off-road trainers are often equipped with waterproof features as these runners are often accustomed to deep puddles and muddy patches and their shoes must be able to keep up.

Here at The Healthy Living and Fitness, we want our readers to, quite literally, hit the ground running when it comes to athletics and exercise. With this said, the correct footwear is essential as a lack of ankle support when navigating the terrain of an off-road track can lead to a serious injury. To find out more information, check out Laced’s range of online trainers or speak to a member of the team today!