The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Personal Trainer

The popularity of physical fitness has increased immensely throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and as the rules finally begin to relax our new challenge is trying to maintain such a lifestyle whilst returning to the office and partaking in social events once again. A personal trainer is a fitness professional that provides 1-2-1 programmes for clients based on fitness, nutrition and motivation, however this style of working out may not be for everyone. Read on as we go over a few different pros and cons involved in hiring a personal trainer…

Pro: Personal trainers have a well-developed range of knowledge and expertise

Obtaining a personal training qualification is no easy feat as it requires in-depth learning, exam work and assignments over an intense 6-month period. It could be said that this isn’t enough time to gain enough of an understanding, however many personal trainers are quite familiar with health and fitness which means that this learning simply builds on what they already know. Hiring a personal trainer gives you access to information that can be used to personalise your fitness outcomes using knowledge of optimum nutrition and different exercise approaches.

Con: It can be expensive to hire a personal trainer

Since a personal trainer is so well-educated, they are able to charge handsomely for their services. In the majority of circumstances, these prices are considered reasonable, however this can depend on each individual’s financial situation. The average personal trainer will charge £25-£40 per session so it is quite common for this cost to be out of budget for many people, limiting their access to such in-depth information and expertise.

Pro: A personal trainer is a continuous motivator and cheerleader for your progress

If you struggle with staying on track and your motivation tends to dwindle then a personal trainer can be a real benefit to your progress. This is because the realisation that another person will be present for your workout and relies on you can help motivate you to turn up for sessions, therefore making you more likely to retain your focus. In addition to this, a personal trainer will also celebrate each and every milestone with you, no matter how big or small, which may be the motivation you need to reach your goals.

Individuals who struggle with their understanding of fitness may benefit from the expertise of a personal trainer a lot more than those who have a basic or even intermediate grasp of the industry. With this said, every single person will experience a personal trainer differently and results can differ considerably depending on the approach that the fitness professional undertakes. As such, remember to make a decision based on your individual requirements and beliefs rather than the experience of a friend or family member.