The Beginner’s Guide to Running

It is no secret that some people were born to be a runner, however there is no reason to keep up with Olympic athletes like Mo Farah when taking to your local area for a sprint. In fact, a novice could very well become an amateur with the right tools, knowledge and patience. Running is not only a great fitness tool, but it can do wonders for your mental health too. Read on as we go over everything a beginner should know before they take to the tarmac…


Every experienced runner understands how much of a difference a high-quality pair of trainers can make. After all, your feet withstand a lot of impact when you run outdoors and it is important that your footwear is able to provide enough support, comfort and breathability so that you can get the most out of every run. Whilst there is no need to splash out on expensive footwear, you should always speak to an expert in the field who can provide guidance based on your stride, pronation/supination and running style.

Slow and Steady

The biggest mistake that any beginner can do is compare themselves to an experienced runner. After all, everybody has to start somewhere! Remember, slow and steady wins the race. If you push yourself too far and take on too much activity before your body is ready to handle it then you could end up suffering from a nasty injury. Instead, try to take your time and gradually build up your endurance and stamina.

Safety First

As winter continues to deliver us the odd layer of snowfall, it is hard to ignore that the sun still sets in the mid-afternoon. This means that the vast majority of people will be running in the dark and many beginners tend to forget about being easy to spot by drivers. Always ensure that you wear reflecting clothing as this will allow vehicle headlights to light you up as you run along the pavement. In addition to this, try to avoid running in unlit parks or forests because a lack of visibility can lead to nasty and avoidable injuries.

It can be quite daunting when you step outside for your first run as many people often feel like everybody is staring at them, or perhaps even judging them. Luckily, scientists have concluded that the majority of people are so engrossed in their own world that they are very unlikely to pay attention. A great way to get over any running-related nerves is to buddy up with a friend or join a running club!