Exercising During Quarantine

Although we may think that the COVID-19 pandemic is over and the dreaded quarantine is behind us, more and more cases are being identified every day. More people are dying from the virus again, and the risk of quarantine returning is growing. For many, quarantine was not an enjoyable time, we were subjected to a lack of social interaction, the days merging together, complete boredom, and many were slowly losing their sanity over the months in lock down. However, the key attributor to making lock down be seen as so awful is due to lack of routine for many people. The days merged together as the time you got up was not consistent and making plans for the day went out the window. When people maintain a timetable and routine during quarantine, it becomes much easier to keep your mood and motivation high.

One thing that certainly suffered during lockdown was exercise. Quarantine made people tired mentally and physically, and with no access to gyms or public places it became impossible for many people to exercise effectively. Therefore, as society may have a chance of falling back into lockdown, it is paramount that you keep exercising to be healthy and to boost your immune system to protect yourself from the virus.

Some common home workouts to boost your routine are knee push ups, stationary lunges, and forearm planks. Even if you already have a series of workouts and practices that work with you, these three are no doubt going to give you quite a sting in the muscles as they are really good exercises. The knee push up is the beginner type of push up and unlike common misconceptions, the bent knee is really good at strengthening and toning the chest, triceps, and shoulder muscles. Next, the stationary lunges. Again, like the knee push ups, the lunges are quite simple, and are a great low impact leg exercise meaning there is less chance of picking up an injury. The last, the forearm planks. This exercise will definitely help you feel the burn. A forearm plank is tough, but when done correctly it can help strengthen the abs, legs, and the core. Training up your core is especially good for quarantine as the core wraps around the spine and helps it stay upright, perfect for when you are sitting at a desk for extended periods.

However, there is a chance you may not be able to do these exercises alone. If you are elderly, vulnerable, disabled, or otherwise struggling to maintain a healthy routine at home, it may be helpful to consider some home care services. Home care services can be especially useful for elderly or vulnerable people during a lockdown, as it will not be safe to attend a care home due to the amount of people present with a vulnerability to the virus. High-quality home care services will only send one person to your home, meaning you can stay isolating and still have assistance with your errands and routine at home.