Keeping Houseplants

House plants are really common as they add decoration to your home as well as a bit of colour. Additionally, studies into having plants indoors showed that they boosted people’s mood as well as productivity, concentration and even creativity.

Having a few plants in your home is said to reduce stress and fatigue. Indoor plants achieve things like these because they clean indoor air as they absorb toxins that are in the air and they produce oxygen. They have also been shown to reduce sore throats and colds. A lot of people agree that plants make you happy. It is recommended to spend a few minutes to an hour at least outside a day. Being outside and surrounded by nature can increase your serotonin.

Looking after your house plant.

Firstly, when you have your plants you need to make sure they are in correct pot and they have the appropriate drainage and good quality soil. You should have a regular watering schedule, so they aren’t getting too much or too little water. Make sure they have access to plenty of sun light. The best chance you have at making sure your house plants thrive is to research them and make sure they are properly cared for.

Common mistakes made with house plants

Overwatering plants is a very common mistake that is made, as people usually think they need a lot of water and they don’t – same with sunlight. Next is forgetting to check the roots of a plant, and this is vital as they are the feeding organ of a plant and is essentially what keeps them alive and healthy. You don’t need to have green fingers to look after house plants as long as you research your plant you’ll learn from experience as well as trial and error when it comes to things like attention and water and sunlight etc.

Having house plants in your office, house or dorm etc is a good idea as they have so many good qualities and improve not only your living space but also your mood and productivity so why not trial having one or two and go from there?