30-Day Challenges: How effective are they?

We’ve all seen different 30-day challenges online such as the 30-day squat challenge, 30-day abs challenge, and even the 30-day shred challenge. On the surface, they seem like an amazing idea and everybody has considered starting one at some point or another, but how effective are they? Read on to find out more…

A 30-day Habit

The 30-day challenge is a proven technique for creating new habits because almost everyone can do something for 30 days. After all, it is a very realistic goal and helps establish a pattern. It’s better to start small with exercise which is why these challenges are ideal for conquering fear and a lack of motivation, and they are also amazing for improving a person’s mind set and working towards a positive change.  Furthermore, 30-days feels doable and not too intense, giving you a chance to experiment. Afterwards, you are more likely to continue with these set tasks as it will become a habit and a part of your daily routine.

Fitness Challenges

The 30-day fitness challenge is a variety that focuses solely on exercise and is great for beginners because they start small and slowly build up. They can be carried out at home with little to no equipment and experience and they don’t take much time either. In addition to this, you can change the intensity to suit your needs, and once the 30-days are up you have the option to take on a new challenge or stop. With this said, it is very likely that you will have formed a habit and have more motivation to continue. It is also possible to tailor a challenge to specific areas you want to target or focus on improving a specific skill. Although it usually takes a while to see physical results, a 30-day fitness challenge can provide almost instant positive changes in mood, mental health, and energy.

The 30-day challenge

The 30-day challenge can be applied to many different aspects of your life and you can choose to make it as personal as you like. After all, there is no reason to follow a set 30-day challenge from the internet. In fact, it is possible to do 30 days of focusing on things like fitness, cleaning, breathing, sleeping, time management or social interaction. You just need to decide what you want to do each day and go from there. In fact, you can even create a new challenge every month! This way you can constantly work on self-development and tackle physical health, mental health or even decluttering your home.


Overall, the 30-day challenge can be highly effective and helpful. Why not give some of these 30-day challenges ago?

  • Squat challenge
  • De-Clutter challenge
  • Daily compliment challenge
  • Abs challenge
  • Talking to someone new – social interaction challenge
  • Electronics Detox – unplug your electronics before bed
  • Give up a bad habit or junk food
  • Journal or meditate
  • Shred and shape up