The Characteristics of Running Trainers

As one of the most popular forms of exercise, running is a sport that can be carried out by anybody regardless of age or gender. With this said, a lack of form and equipment can lead to avoidable injuries that may set back months of progress in an instant. Here at The Healthy Living and Fitness, we want our readers to practice safe running which is why we have decided to go over some of the characteristics that every pair of running trainers should have. Read on to find out more information…


The shoes that we wear on a daily basis should protect the foot and give it support, however running trainers have to be able to stabilise the ankle too. After all, every stride that is taken during a run places a lot of strain on the joints in the body and a poorly fitting or badly made running shoe with little to no support will lead to serious injuries. In order to check the stability of footwear for sports, runners should take the heel height, comfort and flexibility of a trainer into consideration.


Contrary to belief, the weight of a trainer can influence a runners gait, speed and stability during a workout. After all, heavy shoes will place unnecessary strain on the ankle and lead to avoidable injuries which is why a lightweight trainer should always be a top priority, especially for beginners. With this said, cushioning, comfort and stability should not be neglected in favour of weight when it comes to a trainers design.


Moisture is naturally created when a person runs and that is why a running shoe should always be breathable. After all, a lack of breathability can lead to the formation of blisters and may even increase the risk of bacterial or fungal infections. In addition to this, it also makes the running experience unpleasant and can put beginners off from the start. As a result, running footwear should also be designed with air flow and moisture wicking materials.

Since the foot will create an impact with the ground after each stride, it is important that a pair of running trainers can provide the comfort and support necessary to prevent a painful injury. In fact, footwear should also be replaced after a certain number of miles. To find out more information about running trainers, check out Laced’s range of online trainers or get in contact with a member of the team today!