3 Top Tips to Choose the Best Running Footwear

Running is an art-form which means that the right tools are an essential part of any workout. After all, a painter wouldn’t be able to complete a masterpiece without a brush at their disposal. Here at The Healthy Living and Fitness, we want our readers to exercise with safety and style in mind which is why we’ve put together three top tips that runners should keep in mind when selecting their workout wardrobe. Read on to find out more…

Should running trainers be comfortable?

If there is one thing that tells a runner that something is wrong, it is discomfort. After all, running should never leave a person in pain. In fact, running trainers should always be comfortable and chosen with an individual’s running style, pronation and foot size in mind as this leads to a more effective and successful running experience.       

How much money do running trainers cost?

Although it isn’t necessary to spend an entire pay cheque on a pair of trainers, it is advised that serious and committed runners invest in their comfort and safety. After all, cheap and cheerful footwear is often poorly crafted and cause the majority of running-related injuries. Luckily, it is possible to pick up a decent pair of running trainers for £50-£150 with ease.

Does a workout type affect footwear choice?

When selecting trainers, particularly trainers for running, it is important that a person takes their running type into consideration. After all, trainers for a gym environment will not offer the same level of ankle support and grip as trainers for off-road running. In addition to this, runners must also take into consideration the number of miles that they intend to run as all trainers come with an expiration date based on mileage.

It doesn’t take a professional runner to recognise that uncomfortable footwear is going to leave a person dreading their workout. After all, cheap and poorly fitting trainers are a one-way ticket to serious injury city! Luckily, the Laced team have a wide range of online trainers that are perfect for runners of all varieties. Get in contact with a member of the team to find out more information today!