Keeping Healthy in Winter

Winter is the time when colds, coughs and all sorts of minor ailments kick in. It’s awful outside; howling wind, rain and freezing temperatures. It’s easy to want to stay indoors and eat comfort food like stodgy pasta, mash potatoes, pies and pastries and glug on hot chocolate which is why people tend to put on a little weight during the colder months. The best way to combat winter weight gain is to try staying active when the weather permits, bundling up in layers and going for walks maybe with the family dog if you have one or the children. You can still going running during winter if that’s your thing, because the colder air will do wonders for you when you’re working up a sweat. It can keep you cooler so you feel you can run for longer, or it can spur you on to run faster to get home quicker!

If you feel like really embracing the time of year, indoor winter sports are fun. Indoor snowboarding and skiing are fab for getting everyone involved and creates great memories especially if you haven’t tried it before. Swimming is great too, as the temperatures in the leisure centres tend to be through the roof. Maybe if you don’t drive this isn’t the best, as wet hair + cold air = sneeze central, but give it a go if you can.

Yoga and Pilates and simple stretches can be done indoors by the whole family. If you’re lucky enough to have a Wii or Xbox Kinect invest in some cheap or second hand games, or try game libraries for some new games to get the whole family moving indoors when the rain is really not letting up. Bowling alleys are fun too and get everyone moving with competitive spirit, Laser Quest too. Plus, an afternoon with the family is a never a bad thing, is it?

Remember to keep up with yummy fresh veg in winter, raw or otherwise. Steamed veg are so yummy and go with most meals. Salads seem like a summer food but with a nice hot jacket potato still put some warmth in your tummy. Try to use water instead of milk with your hot chocolate, and limit the whipped cream and marshmallows – maybe keep that for Christmas time or a treat for the kids before bed if they’ve been really good.

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