Keeping Kids Healthy

It’s not always easy to get kids to exercise and keep busy, especially in this day and age where computer games seem to reign supreme. The best way to get kids moving and looking after their bodies is to make it fun. Putting music on, timing them, chasing them, laughing with them  and making it fun are all places to start. It’s important to get them to understand why you’re doing it, though. Children need to want to look after themselves, and it’s educational for them too.

There are many websites and campaign information widely available to you as parents which make it easier to teach your kids about healthy living. They need to know that you’re not doing it to be mean or annoying, but that you are about their health and as their parent it is your responsibility to ensure your kids eat healthy and keep fit. Nobody can make your kids get moving but you.

Try leaving the car at home if you can on the school run providing you live close enough, get the kids running round even if it is raining by setting up a treasure hunt all over the house, and get their competitive streak going by giving them tasks to complete faster than their siblings. Involve them in choosing healthy meals by only providing nutritious but colourful food like homemade pizzas with plenty of veggies – no chicken nuggets! If your kids complain, stand firm. They’ll eat eventually.

If you think you need help with the health of your children, seek guidance from a professional. Lots of kids nowadays are overweight and it can have lifelong affects if not addressed soon enough. Bullying and self-esteem issues, heart problems, diabetes, it all creeps up on you when you’re overweight. Keep your kids in tip top shape and give them a bright future!

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