3 Top Tips to Stay Motivated

Whether you’re trying to get fitter, studying at university or simply want to change your habits, the one thing that tends to get in the way is motivation – specifically a lack of motivation. There is a common misconception that the outcome of certain goals will be determined by your actions alone, however motivation is an entirely mental challenge. After all, the way that you think can influence the way you act. In this blog, we’ve decided to go over three top tips that may help you remain focused on your goals…

Small Goals

The brain is a complex organ and we often overwhelm ourselves by trying to strive for goals that are beyond our current means. For example, couch potatoes may suddenly decide to start exercising every single day. Although the drive is admirable, this motivation will quickly dwindle because the goal is simply too big. To stay on track and keep your mind engaged, aim for small but achievable goals and think about challenging yourself when your mindset is set in stone.


It is commonly believed that diet and exercise should become a way of life and that you have to choose between a greasy takeaway or a healthy salad for the rest of your days. Here at The Healthy Living and Fitness, we encourage you to reward yourself from time to time and indulge bad habits because life is too short to live so strictly. After all, studies have actually shown that rewards can reduce the temptation to skip a workout and actually help keep us motivated.


You need to be your own cheerleader when it comes to changing lifestyle habits as positivity is the most effective way to stay motivated. If you are constantly putting yourself down and failing to recognise your achievements – no matter how big or small – then the drive to carry on can dwindle quickly. Remember, a positive mindset is a motivated mindset.

Nobody likes throwing in the towel and admitting defeat, especially when you’ve already given so much time and energy towards a particular goal. There are many factors that can affect your mindset and subsequently your motivation which is why it is important to avoid overloading yourself and enjoy the journey rather than obsessing about the destination.