Ways to Fit Exercise Into Your Christmas Schedule Part 1

Christmas has been branded to be the most wonderful time of the year however, it is also referred to as the busiest time of the year.

It’s no secret that many of our social life’s become hectic as December appears on the calendar. There are office parties, new year’s parties, gift shopping, Christmas food shopping and of course, let’s not forget about the big day itself!

All of the tasty festive drinks and treats leaves many people wondering how exactly are they going to burn off the calories consumed over this period of time.

Here at Healthy Living and Fitness, we’ve put together a quick and resourceful guide on how to fit a little bit of exercise into your schedule…

  1. Attend a fast class. These are high intensity exercise classes which last no longer than half an hour and are ideal for people who are on a tight schedule whether it’s family commitments or getting back to work. The high intensity means that you perform a full body workout while avoiding having to spend 2 hours in the gym for the exact same results.
  • We couldn’t think of anything worse than rushing into the gym to fit in a quick workout on your calendar and being faced with crowds of people all wanting to do the same routine. If you arrive later in the evening for a late-night session after the crowds have left, you won’t have to wait and fight your way through to the machines. You also won’t have to wait in the long shower line.
  • Throughout the year, the lack of a busy schedule means that it is perfectly fine to separate your cardio and strength training into different days however during the festive period, there you could even merged the two together! That way you still get a full body workout but don’t have to spend every day in the gym focusing on one area each session.

Our articles are perfect for individuals who are looking for anything related fitness or lifestyle. Make sure to stay tuned for part two coming next week…