The Benefits of Outdoor Fitness

During the colder months it is not uncommon for people to hide indoors in order to complete their workout. After all your home is nice and warm and the gym offers security away from the brutality of a public pathway. With this said there are actually a range of different benefits that can be gained from doing your workout outside and in this blog we’re going to go over a few…

  • Working out is extremely good for both the mind and body however exercising outdoors has been proven to provide a bigger boost compared to completing your routine inside. This is because you are able to carry out your workout in several different locations which allows the mind to experience new things where as the gym only offers the same mundane environment.


  • Outdoor fitness such as running or cycling is often free of charge because the roads are free to use whereas gym memberships are not only pricy, they also force customers to get a 12 month membership that they cannot escape from without exceptional circumstances. Exercising outdoors not only gives you fresh air, it helps you save money!


  • It can be easier to stick to an outdoor fitness regime because there are no strict rules required. For example having a gym membership means that you have to be close by the building in order to fulfil your membership and means you may not be able to make it a worthwhile purchase. Plus the opening and closing times dictate when you can and can’t go where as a run or jog can be carried out whenever and wherever you want!

Outdoor fitness is one of the best things that we can do for our body since it allows us to soak up all of the natural vitamin D that is available from the sunlight! If you know any different benefits, speak to a member of The Healthy Living and Fitness team and let us know today!

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