Ways To Stay Motivated This Winter

Winter is right around the corner and this cold weather could leave you feeling unmotivated. Well not to worry, we have rounded up some simple methods to keeping your motivation levels elevated.

Winter begins on 21st December 2022, and ends on 20th March 2023. This will be a period of time when it is vital to stay motivated and active. There will be less light, and the temperature will be noticeably colder.

There are so many different ways to beat this gloomy winter. But why is it important to stay motivated especially during this time of year?

Due to the lack of sunshine and more bad weather, the wintertime can lower the body’s source of serotonin and could lead to seasonal affective disorder also known as SAD. The imbalance of positivity can trigger low energy, mood, and motivation.

Here are our top tips to stay motivated this winter:

  • Building an exercise routine. Whether it’s at home, at the gym, or outdoors, it is important to remember to exercise. This can be customised to exactly how you want it to be. Working out is also great for keeping your body temperature warm during cold temperatures.
  • Cooking nutritious meals is a great method to boosting morale. Not only is it creating a healthy meal, you’re staying active, and you may also find yourself a new hobby!
  • Hobbies are a fantastic way to keep occupied when the days feel shorter. Some hobbies that we love are reading, crafts, puzzles, finding a new tv show, or rewatching old favourites, and listening to music. The possibilities are endless.
  • Create plans with your loved ones. This could be during the winter or planning ahead for next year, it can be something that you can look forward to and boost your mood.
  • One of the main reasons of feeling deflated and motivated during this time of year is because of the lack of natural light. Take each moment of daylight and use it to your advantage. Brave the chill and go for a walk or pull back your curtains to let light in, natural daylight can make a huge difference in your mood.
  • Take up a new creative outlet. Trying something creative can be a wonderful way to stay motivated through the colder months. Creative pursuits like painting, photography, and creating sculptures from clay are engaging, fun, and rewarding! If you’re looking for a group environment to join, consider trying out a sip and paint event!

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