Mindfulness Activities To Maintain A Healthy Mind, Body, and Soul

As Summer draws to a close, some people seem to find that the gloomy Winter months can be difficult to cope with.

That’s why we have rounded up a few simple methods for maintaining a healthy mind, body, and soul during this time of year.

Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating consists of paying close attention to your senses when eating. Focus on how food and drink taste or the delicious smell of the fresh food you have prepared. Even writing your thoughts about what you ate/drank can benefit mindful eating!

Ensuring you consume quality and nutritious goods can impact your physical and mental well-being for the better!

Mindful Creativity

Creative activities such as:

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Colouring
  • Reading
  • Dancing
  • Writing
  • And much more

Activities like the above can help you focus on the sensation of how each of these creative things makes you feel and how to express your feelings.

Pinterest is a great app to find inspiration and get creative!

Mindful Meditating

Meditation involves sitting peacefully to focus deeply on your breathing, thoughts, and surroundings. Try to reel your attention back to serenity if your mind starts to go elsewhere. A lot of people find that yoga and Pilates can benefit their mindfulness as this is an activity that requires deep focus and breathing.

There are plenty of videos across different social media platforms and blogs to help guide you through the basics and to the advanced techniques!

No matter the level of skill, this mindful activity can be open to everyone.

Mindful Listening

Listening is so important when it comes to communicating with work colleagues, acquaintances, family, and friends.

Journalling or writing down anything you have to deal with that isn’t relevant to your plans is a great way to organise your mind so you can concentrate easier on conversations and activities. This way they will have your undivided attention.

Listening to music and podcasts are also a great way to focus your thoughts and senses on words in songs or conversations in podcasts. This can help temporarily distract you from any stress and unwanted thoughts.

Mindful Reflecting

Mindful reflecting can be done while taking a peaceful jog, riding a bike, or simply walking outdoors.

When outdoors, try focusing your senses on the different sights, sounds, and textures beneath your feet. Try acknowledging the breezy sensation across your skin and the noises of wildlife and trees rustling surrounding you. These are just a few of the many different ways to be mindful of your mind, body, and soul. To discover more about all things healthy living and fitness, then please read our other articles today!