The Myths About Working Out

The fitness industry is one of the most expensive and profitable markets that is available and that means that many people will try to take advantage of those who are easily deceived or are unable to separate fact from fiction. Here at The Healthy Living and Fitness we want to help our readers make wise fitness decision so we have decided to go over some of the biggest myths of the industry…

Myth: Lifting Weights Will Make You Bulk Up

If only it were as easy as that! Unfortunately it requires a lot of hard work, motivation, dedication and a very specific diet to build muscle which means that lifting weights a few times a week will not have you looking like a body builder in a months’ time. With this said, lifting weights will help you lose weight so you will notice yourself becoming much leaner.

Myth: You Can Lose Weight From Certain Areas of the Body

If you have ever heard someone say that they did 100 crunches to try and get rid of their belly fat, you will know all about this one! Unfortunately it is impossible to target fat loss in a specific place due to the fact that we lose it unequally. In fact, fat clings to the stomach relentlessly but we will see results on our upper body and arms much better at first.

Myth: You Need to Workout Everyday

Thankfully there is no need to workout everyday unless you are an Olympian! When you do a workout you actually break down the fibres in your muscle and they rebuild themselves in a much stronger manner. To do this however they require rest so it is important that you leave at least a day between your workouts. With this said, you shouldn’t allow D.O.M.S to put you off going back!

As one of the most trustworthy health and fitness blogs on the internet we think that it is important to use our platform is order to help people make wise decisions based on facts rather than false information. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of The Healthy Living and Fitness team today!

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