What is the Best Time of Day to Exercise?

Finding the motivation to sever ties with the sofa and engage in some physical exercise is not an easy commitment, especially for those who have never stepped foot in a gym since high school. In fact, there are tons of different articles that boast about the benefits of running before the sun has even risen whilst simultaneously announcing that an evening gym session is the best way to let go of tension after a busy working day. Here at The Healthy Living and Fitness, we’ve decided to set the record straight. Read on as we go over the benefits of working out at different times of the day…


For early risers, working out at the crack of dawn can be a great way to kickstart the day. After all, it can help ensure that a routine remains consistent and is even said to reduce the temptation to snack on unhealthy foods throughout the day. In addition to this, morning workouts are also the least time-consuming because they add time to the day rather than take it away.


Sometimes it is impossible to hit the gym before sunrise, however, research suggests that our body can actually adapt to a regular mid-afternoon workout with time. After all, this is the time of day when early mornings start to catch up with people and a quick run can be the energy boost that a worker requires. In fact, more and more office workers are starting to use their lunchbreak as a gym hour as it provides a change of scenery and breaks the day up.


The last thing that a 9-5 worker wants to do when they get home is dust off their running trainers, however, there are many stress relieving benefits that can come from an evening workout. After all, statistics suggest that 50% of people bring work related tension into the home which means that hitting the gym first can change a person’s entire mindset, creating a happier household as a result.

When it comes to exercise, the best thing to do is find a routine that fits in with your lifestyle and responsibilities. After all, busy parents are less likely to jump out of bed early in the morning when they have children to look after, however, students are more inclined to slack off exercising in the early evening. To find out more information about the best time of day to hit the gym, get in contact with a member of The Healthy Living and Fitness team today!