The Misconceptions About Weight Training

Many beginners have a preconceived notion about fitness and this can make it incredibly difficult to encourage them to venture outside of their comfort zone. In fact, weight lifting is often considered a no-go zone by many due to the myths and misconceptions that take centre stage on the internet. Read on as we set the record straight once and for all when it comes to weight training…

Does weight lifting make your muscles bigger?

It is true that strength training can lead to bulkier muscles – officially known as hypertrophy – however this is dependent on external factors such as a person’s diet and fitness regime. After all, building muscle mass is a lot harder than it looks. For the average person, weight lifting will not lead to bigger muscles but can actually improve their strength instead, particularly if they opt for less resistance and higher reps.

Can women do strength training?

The misconception that women shouldn’t pick up anything heavier than a 5lb dumbbell follows on from the idea of hypertrophy. Since weight lifting won’t lead to bulky muscles in the average person, there is no reason why women cannot do it too. After all, strength training will help tone the muscles and provide women with a more defined physique. In addition to this, female bodybuilders are actually looking to achieve the extreme muscle definition that so many want to avoid which means that they must hit the weights.

Do you need a gym to lift weights?

Although it is safe to say that a gym environment provides more opportunity for a full-body workout when it comes to weight lifting, there is no reason why it should be considered essential component. After all, it is entirely possible to carry out strength training at home by purchasing the required equipment online. With this said, it is important to take cost into consideration as many weight trainers prefer to invest in a monthly gym membership instead for ease and convenience. 

Here at The Healthy Living and Fitness, we believe that exercise should be an open opportunity for all regardless of experience and abilities. After all, there is nothing worse than a bad atmosphere in a gym as this can actively discourage beginners from taking part in new activities like weight training. After all, weights are not reserved solely for men or bodybuilders! To find out more information, get in contact with a member of The Healthy Living and Fitness team today!