The Best Sports to Accelerate Weight Loss

When working out it’s so important that you’re enjoying yourself! Some exercises are better for you than others, and can help you achieve weight-loss quicker. When exercising you need to consider your heart rate, and how much effort you are putting into the workout. To lose around a pound a week, you must be burning over 3,500 calories per week therefore it is important to find an exercise you love, to keep committed to the sport.

The best exercise for accelerating weight loss is Swimming- especially breaststroke. In a half hour, you burn 458 calories. Swimming is a very low impact sport, therefore people with regular joint-pain should consider swimming as there is never any pressure to the joints. Swimming ables you to strengthen your muscles, and helps psychologically by improving your mood and boosting your self-esteem.

Running is a very easy exercise to complete daily, as you can go on a run anywhere and is adaptable so can be completed throughout your day. Over a half hour you will be able to burn 394- but remember to consider your heart rate and if you are getting a vigorous exercise or not. It is easy to track and monitor your workout, through apps on your phone therefore you can assess how much effort you have put into your workout and how many calories you have burnt over time.

Basketball is also a very intense sport, and when playing a game with a team you can burn up to 345 calories in 30 minutes. As you are constantly moving around trying to fight off other players gives you a motive to work as hard as possible and score against that team. There are many places available to play basketball for free, therefore it doesn’t have to be expensive all you need is a basketball. However, if regularly completing this exercise then you need to change your shoes every six months.

There are many exciting ways to exercise that are beneficial and will help you lose weight. If you found this informational keep your eyes peeled for our next blog!

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