A Simple Guide to Pronation

At a first glance, running seems like an incredibly simple sport. After all, there are only a few basic tools that are required in order to obtain the most effective results at the end of a work-out. With this said, footwear can make or break an individual’s running experience which is why it is vital that runners take their pronation into consideration. Read on as the team here at The Healthy Living and Fitness go over the three different types of pronation that people tend to have…

Neutral Pronation

As the most ideal type of pronation, neutral pronation occurs when the foot rolls inwards naturally by about 15%. This means that finding the most suitable footwear for running is often incredibly simple because the feet are well adjusted in order to absorb shock and ensure that the legs remain correctly aligned. As a result, runners with a natural pronation are less likely to suffer from injuries.

Over Pronation

On the other hand, an inwards and downwards rotation of more than 15% is known as overpronation. Many people who suffer from this type of pronation are said to have flat feet and must find footwear that is designed to support their foot shape in order to prevent pain and injury. After all, over pronation can lead to a condition known as iliotibial band syndrome which may cause pain on the outside of the knee.


A foot that rolls outwards by around 15% is under pronated. This condition, also known as supination, places a lot of un-necessary pressure on the toes and can lead to a variety of other issues like Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis and other shock-related problems like sprains and shin splints. As a result, runners with an over pronation should opt for a comfortable shoe that provides support and stability.

It is important that runners are able to understand the movement of the foot and how it determines the way that our feet absorb shock. After all, poorly fitted footwear can lead to avoidable injuries and a poor running experience that can cause beginners to throw in the towel before they’ve even started. To find out more information about running footwear and pronation, checkout Laced’s range of online trainers today!