Autumn Beauty Hacks

Despite the everchanging whether which is unable to decide if it’s raining or not, Autumn is pretty much in full swing. The days are becoming shorter, the nights are colder and the mornings are darker. Let’s face it, the heating has been switched on since the first day you opened your curtains at 7am to a scenery which otherwise resembled the early hours of the morning. Despite the festive season growing closer, Autumn is somewhat depressing. Not to mention the effect it can have on your skin.

Here are a few tweaks to add to your beauty regime this Autumn to ensure your skin doesn’t suffer…

SPF is a must-do. Every expert will tell you how important wearing an SPF product is, especially in autumn and winter. This is because wearing sun cream protects the skin as well helping to prevent any signs of aging. In fact, research shows that a good quality SPF allows the skin to repair itself from any damage rather than defend itself from the UV rays on a daily basis.

Moisturise! It’s going to be cold when you step out of the shower. That is the harsh reality of autumn and winter when living in the UK. Despite this, full body moisturising is very important during the colder months to help prevent dry skin. The weather can be very drying on the skin during autumn, especially as it gets colder which makes this point even more imperative.

Lip Balm. We cannot stress enough how damaging the cold weather can be to your lips. Not only does it dry them out, it can cause them to crack. This leaves behind painful and unsightly sores. Plus, the cold weather also leaves many people prone to developing cold sores.

Here at The Healthy Living and Fitness, we think our beauty regimes should be extra cautious during the colder months. In fact, its advised to shake it up a little when winter hits and the temperature plummets. Make sure to let us know how our hacks help you this autumn!

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