Healthy Halloween Treats

Halloween is currently creeping closer which means cold nights, scary movies and lots of candy! Despite it being socially acceptable to allow the kids to overdose on sugar for the day, us adults must awaken our inner willpower and stay strong! Here are 5 healthy Halloween treats perfect to shift the cravings…

Cheesy Jack O’Lanterns

Using a circular pastry cutter, cut sandwich tins into pairs and then carve a stereotypical pumpkin face into the top slice, removing the sections. Place the desired brand of cheese in between the slices and place under the grill until melted and toasted. Dig in!

Haunted Pizza

Make a pizza base dough and place tomato puree on the top as if you were making a normal pizza. Grab some mozzarella and using a ghost shaped cutter, cut out the ghosts. Place them on the top of the pizza, add slices black olives for eyes and bake!

Pumpkin Cupcakes

Pumpkin is not just a pie treat! Bake some pumpkin cupcakes following an online recipe and add a cream-cheese frosting rather than a buttercream! It is just as tasty with half the calories!

Witches Broomsticks

Slice a mozzarella stick into thirds and use a knife to cut a fringe pattern into one side to resemble the top of a broom. Stick a pretzel stick into the opposite end as the handle and tie a chive around the middle section – huzzah!

Banana Ghosts!

Cut large banana in half and place chocolate chips into them to represent eyes and mouths. Not only is this super healthy, it will keep the kids occupied too whilst also encouraging them to eat fruit around the festive season!

Try out our Halloween snacks and let us know what you think. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with a sweet treat or two! Happy Halloween!

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