3 Hacks to Spruce up your Salad

Let’s face it, unless you were a rabbit in a past life, salads are possibly the least attractive healthy meal choice going, especially when everyone in the office is tucking into chocolate and fast food. But it’s time to release the envy of your colleagues and spruce up your salad with our top 3 hack destined to give you a salad worth looking forward to.

Bump up the base. It’s time to ditch the baby spinach, the romaine and the iceberg lettuce (or as we like to call it, salad water) and swap it out for some arugula which can be purchased easily from farmer markets, herb mixes for a slight kick of flavour and a cabbage mix with shredded brussels. Pair either one of these with your usual salad toppings and you’re ready to go.

Tweak the topping. When was the last time you couldn’t wait to grab your baby spinach, cucumber and tomato salad out of the fridge? If you can’t remember, it’s time for a new topping. If you can, you’re a walking salad miracle. Some new and exciting toppings include feta, goats or bleu cheese. Be warned, these have strong flavours- however, if you’re into that kind of thing, it’s much more inviting than cheddar.

The power of protein. Whether you’re a vegetarian or avid meat eater, no salad is complete without a dash of protein. Adding ground beef or turkey turns your salad into a deconstructed burger which is second place to a constructed burger and only a quarter of the calories. Black beans and brown rice lends itself well to a healthy taco of some kind, perfect for vegetarians.

Let us know how your salads turn out when they undergo our sprucing hacks. We’re certain you’ll be skipping to the fridge at lunchtime!

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