Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Hopefully you’ve had a well-deserved break and some lovely lie ins? Now though it’s time, if you haven’t already, to get moving and starting afresh for the New Year. We’re not going to tell you to make changes to your diet, we’re not going to tell you to throw out all the clothes you haven’t worn, nor are we going to suggest you cut out dairy and join a gym. All we are going to suggest is that you take some time to relax your mind, relax your whole body, and let the new ideas flow. Sound bonkers? Listen up…

Everyone makes New Year’s resolutions, but it’s often difficult to stick to them. It’s probably because we make the same ones every year because we think we have to. Our friends and family ask us what we’re doing every new year, and we always say the same thing. We never stick to it though because really, it’s not something we actually want to do. Nobody wants to start veganism just because it’s January 1st, same as nobody wants to start walking to work instead of getting the bus in a bid to lose a bit of weight because January is grim and it rains every day.

It has to be something you really want. Often we’re afraid to make big changes because we think too big a change will be difficult to implement, or people will question us or worse, we’ll ruffle feathers. The thing is though, you only get one life and it’s too damn short of a life to be making pointless promises that get you down when you fail because your heart was never really in it. The best way to succeed when a new year begins is to really take the time to figure out what it is you want. You might struggle at first because you’re stuck in a rut without realising, but when you really close your eyes and take deep breaths, allowing all the negative energy to trickle out from inside you, you might surprise yourself.

Making emotional changes can take some guts but it’s really worth it. Cutting out negative people, learning how to say no, making sure you’re not taking on so much that you’re constantly exhausted, these are all things that are so good for our emotional and mental health but they feel like too big a change because we feel like we’ll be letting people down by putting these boundaries in place. The people in your life who want the best for you will understand and support these changes however, and it may be the time you find out who your true friends are. That’s scary in itself, the thought of losing friends, but you only get one life, and it’s time to start living it and not merely existing.

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