Making Time for the Older Generation and Your Kids

It’s not just diet and fitness that amount to a healthy lifestyle, you have to factor in emotional and mental wellbeing too. You can eat all the edamame you possibly can and run everywhere but if your mind isn’t in the best state or you’re unhappy with yourself as a person then you aren’t living healthy. If you take the time to really think about those in your life who are important to you, is it really the people you thought you’d be close to? Maybe you’ve lost touch with some people and want to reconnect. Maybe you’ve had kids now since you last spoke to some people and want to get back in touch. Maybe you’re living in a fractured family and want to get back on track. Whatever it is you should take action, because sometimes it can be too late.

Grandparents can play a pivotal role in their grandchildren’s lives especially teenagers. All grandparents should have the chance to get to know and bond with their grandchildren but sometimes this isn’t possible. Distance, busy school schedules, all that can affect the amount of time your kids have with their grandma and granddad. You might think that it’s a burden to ask your mum and dad to watch your teen – after all, your teen is grumpy as anything and spends his time glued to his iPod, right? Wrong. Getting your teen to spend time amongst the chintz of your parents’ house might seem mean, but here are a few reasons why it’s good for them to bond. . .

They can talk sensibly to each other now. Long gone are the days of having to translate your toddler’s gobbledegook into something your fifty two year old father can understand. You can let the get on with it now. They can discuss all sorts, from politics and news stories, and it will be good for your teen to get an older persons perspective. Teens love a good war story, it makes them think their grandparents are cool, plus no doubt they will have studied the war in school, so can have real life stories told to them as a way of linking school with the real world.

You might even find that your teen confides in their grandparents. Sometimes your teen won’t tell you things, but they’ll tell their grandparents purely because they seem less threatening. They can go on days out together, able bodied-ness of your parents permitting, without the stress of keeping their older eyes on a toddler. They can eat out, see films, museums, or just hang out at home. It’s less stressful for grandparents when their grandkids are teens. Grandparents love to spoil their grandkids, be it with cake, pound coins (they soon add up!), lunch on a little tray, and it makes the grandparent feel as though they have a role. They want to be the one your teen comes to, finds cool and funny, so allowing them to indulge should be allowed.

Teens these days are pretty handy with tech, so getting them to wire up your parents TV or DVD player might be the easiest way of getting them to bond, or tuning in said TV. Even teaching them how to use Google or send a text, your teen will feel valued and your parents will learn something new too. And of course, while they’re off enjoying each other’s company, you’re free to have that nice long soak you’ve been meaning to indulge in…

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