Staying Healthy at Christmas

When it comes to the festive period, many people choose to give up for the next three weeks and start again with their healthy habits when the new year hits. Sometimes this works, however most of the time it causes people to fall back into bad habits instead and lose their motivation. Although the food may look tempting, moderation is key. Here at The Healthy Living and Fitness we’ve put together a list of our favourite Christmas snacks with a healthy touch…

Open Top Mince Pies

By not putting a top on your mince pies, you limit the amount of calories in each one as there is less pastry being used. On the other hand, you can use filo pastry. In addition to this, not only is making your own mince pies much healthier and a lot less calorie-heavy than the shop bought alternative, it is also a good way to entertain the kids.

Avoid the Cream Dips

Cream based dips are packed full of calories. In fact, they tend to have things added to them which makes you crave more and, thus, you end up eating more. Go for tomato based dips like salsa as these have less calories.

Trade in the Chocolate

At Christmas, chocolate becomes a big seller because it is an easy present to give out. If you’re staying healthy, swap this out for some satsumas, which are very high in vitamin C or take a handful of roasted chestnuts, which are low in fat.

Now we’re not telling you to avoid all the Christmas goodies, that would be boring! However, resisting the temptation to eat everything is what leads you to success. Let us know how you fitness goes this Christmas!

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