3 Healthy Christmas Snacks to Put You in the Festive Spirit!

Contrary to belief, Christmas calories count just as much as regular calories! Although many people prefer to let lose over the festive period and kick-start their healthy eating regime again in the New Year, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy the seasonal splendour whilst also watching what you eat. Read on as we go over 3 healthy Christmas snacks that are certain to put you in a good mood this December….

  1. Watermelon Christmas Trees

As one of the simplest snacks to make this Christmas, all you have to do is slice your watermelon into triangles and use the rind in order to form the base of the ‘tree’. Of course, a tree would be lacklustre without some decorations, so why not serve with natural Greek yogurt from a piping bag and some blueberry ‘baubles’? Overall, it’s safe to say this fruity snack will go down a treat!

  • Banana Snowmen

For those readers with the patience of a saint, banana snowmen are a festive snack that will appease the children as much as it will the adults. Simply slice a banana or two and slide 3 slices onto a cocktail stick, then cut a strawberry in half and add it to the very top to act as your snowman’s hat. Finally, use either chopped raisins or chocolate chips for eyes and buttons before finishing off the design with a small amount of carrot fit for his nose!

  • Strawberry Santas

Who knew fruit could be so exciting? Start by chopping the leaves off the top of a strawberry and then make one even slice that is slightly thicker than a pound coin. Place a slice of banana between the strawberry and the slice, spreading with either yogurt, cottage cheese or cream cheese, before putting it all back together. Use chocolate chips or gel icing to add some beady eyes to the banana layer and you’re all set!

From chocolate to gingerbread men, there is nothing that screams Christmas more than sugar, and let’s face it, we all deserve to gorge on ungodly amounts of food after the year we’ve endured. With our healthy snacks, you can enjoy the festivities without undoing all your hard work, ensuring that you maintain your mindset and motivation into the New-Year. After all, starting from scratch is a lot harder than muddling through.