Tips for Super Soft Skin

Taking care of our skin is something that we all neglect to do at some point of out life. Whether its summer or winter, it is vital that we employ the necessary measures in order to maintain healthy and soft skin. In this blog, the team at The Healthy Living and Fitness are going to give you a few top tip when it comes to achieving the skin you desire…

  • If we all received some kind of incentive for washing our face twice a day like the experts recommend, it is likely that we would all be walking around with clear skin free from impurities. It is ideal that we wash our faces twice day, once in the morning and once a night, in order to remove the dirt collected over night and the dirt collected throughout the day.
  • Make up is a title given to a whole range of beauty products and a shocking 70% of the population will use it on a daily basis however the experts say that wearing make up isnt the problem when it comes to skincare; removing it is. Half of the people who wear make up will not wash it off after a days work which allows the products to enter the pores and cause breakouts when we least expect it.

Do you have any exciting skincare tips to share with us? The Healthy Living and Fitness team love speaking to clients so get in contact and let us know! Make sure to check back for our next blog too!

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