How Exercise and Your Skin Go Hand in Hand

There are a variety of benefits to hitting the gym or taking part in a home workout such as weight loss, muscle tone and mental clarity. What most people do not know, however is that exercise can also have a positive impact on your skin and prevent excessive breakouts from occurring. Here at The Healthy Living and Fitness, we want to give our readers information they can trust direct from the horse’s mouth and, in this blog, we’ve decided to go over the science behind exercise and skincare…

Opens Your Pores

As the largest organ of the human body, our skin is constantly exposed to external factors like wind and germs. In addition to this, it can become dry or dehydrated if we do not provide it with the nourishment that it needs. Exercise increases the heart rate and this pumps blood around the body at a much faster rate. As a result, there is more oxygen available that can be supplied to the skin in order to keep it healthy. In addition to this, sweating during exercise can also help clear out the pores and reduce acne breakouts, however this is only beneficial if make-up users clean their face prior to a workout as failing to do so can actually clog the pores instead.

Post-Workout Glow

Exercise is not only a long-term solution for those who are working towards their dream body as it can also provide instant results. After all, the post-work ‘glow’ is a phenomenon that has been approved by scientists and is actually the result of increased blood flow. This gives the skin a dewy complexion and combines with the endorphins (feel-good chemicals) that are released during exercise in order to give the skin a genuine ‘glow’ that is hard to ignore.

Remember Your SPF

Some people prefer the great outdoors when it comes to exercise, however it is important to ensure that SPF is applied prior to a workout. After all, regularly being exposed to UV radiation from the sun can damage the skin and increases a person’s risk of skin cancer. With this said, sun cream is packed full of moisturising ingredients which gives the skin all the hydration it needs to stay healthy and supple. Whilst this can be obtained without exercise, people who regularly workout outdoors are more likely to reap the benefits of regular SPF application.

Although it is still important to maintain a regular skincare routine and use products that are designed for your skin type, it is hard to deny how much of a positive impact exercise can have on our body. After all, human beings were made to move and a couch-potato lifestyle can have a serious knock-on effect on our posture, mental health, and general wellbeing. To find out more information about the science behind fitness, get in contact with a member of The Healthy Living and Fitness team today!