The Difference Between Full Body Workouts and Bro Split Workouts

Hitting the gym can be hard enough without worrying about which workouts are popular. After all, the fitness fanatics and experienced athletes tend to understand the ins and outs of the industry in order to figure out which approach is the most effective for their requirements and goals. Interestingly, most gym goers tend to opt for a full body workout, which targets every muscle group in the body during each session, or a ‘bro split’ workout, which separates muscle groups into a routine that targets them separately and vigorously. Read on as the team here at The Healthy Living and Fitness go over some of the differences that separate them once and for all…

What are the pros and cons of full body workouts?

Carrying out a full body workout is the best way to ensure that an individual feels the full benefit of their exercise regime as every single muscle group is targeted simultaneously. As a result, missing a day here and there won’t be as worrisome. With this said, overtraining can have a negative effect on the body as lifting heavy weights multiple times a week can put a lot of strain on the muscles that are used, especially when they aren’t given enough time to repair.

Who should utilise a full body workout?

Since a full body workout can help athletes maximise their calorie burn and fat loss, it can be a very effective option for those who have a lot of excess weight to lose. After all, continuously moving is the number one way to trigger the body and convince it to utilise energy from the fat reserves as spot training individual muscles doesn’t produce results as quickly.

What are the pros and cons of bro split workouts?

The ‘bro split’ is the name given to a series of workouts that separate the muscle groups in the body and target them individually. This gives athletes more control over the development of their physique as it is easier to spot train specific muscles and shape them accordingly. In addition to this, the workouts are often tougher but more manageable because people find that they spend less time in the gym. With this said, the bro split is a muscle-based exercise regime which means that the overall calorie burning is much lower compared to full body workouts and skipping a day here and there can lead to muscle and strength imbalances, reducing the control that the individual has over their routine.

Who should utilise a bro split workout?

Since the bro split regime requires dedication and commitment in order to be effective, it is often utilised by bodybuilders and fitness models in order to tone their physique and increase their muscle size. As a result, it is recommended that only experienced lifters and athletes utilise this type of workout as the amount of time and experience that is required can be off-putting for a beginner that has never stepped foot in a gym before.

Here at The Healthy Living and Fitness, we believe that beginners should be well-informed before they make a decision about the type of workout that they are going to carry out. After all, bro-split workouts were popularised by bodybuilders but can be incredibly challenging for an individual with low confidence in a gym environment. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of The Healthy Living and Fitness team today and ask about our top tips for first-time gym goers!