What to Eat Before a Run

New runners and experienced runners alike will ask themselves this question all the time. In fact, it is an age-old question that we don’t exactly have a definite answer to. You see, what you eat and how much you eat before embarking on a run differs from person to person. There is a mutual agreement to the types of food that should be consumed, however, reiterating the above proves that this may not be sustainable for every runner.

Here at the Healthy Living and Fitness, we’ve put together our go to guide on how to get the most out of your pre-run snack…

  1. Time

Perhaps one of the most critical aspects is making sure you eat a reasonable time apart from when you actually plan to run. This will differ from person to person as some may be able to run less than 30 minutes after eating whereas others need 2 hours to allow their food to digest. Find out what works for you.

  1. Nutrition

Sure, you can be told by a friend what to eat pre-run however most runners do not calculate the nutritional demands on the run which means that they will not consume enough calories to fuel their movement. On the other hand, they may consume too many and their run may not be as effective as they expect.

  1. Stomach Problems

Some foods simply won’t agree with everyone so you need to find a food which will agree with your digestive system. Look for foods which are easily digested and make sure to avoid fatty foods which tend to sit in the stomach for a while. Your snack should ideally be a mix of carbs and protein as this will help you feel full yet digest at a reasonable rate, avoiding heartburn or stomach ache.

Conduct your own personal experiment to find out which foods are perfect to eat post run and let us know what your results say! You may find that a certain snack you never thought about before becomes you favourite go to pre-run treat!

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