Why Should I Exercise Even Though I’m Thin?

It is a ‘no-brainer’ that someone who is overweight should exercise for prevention of illnesses, to build up strength of the body to handle the weight, however a thin person should exercise too, but why is that?

Building up Strength and Endurance

Sure, your weight may not be impeding on your daily life, but you must stay physically active in order to build up your endurance. You do not need to have bulging muscles in order to carry those few files from office to office, but you should be strong enough to prevent any major injury while doing so. It also helps you be able to perform physical activity for longer periods. Again, you do not need the ability to run a marathon, but when a longer stretch of physical activity is required, you will need some endurance to not become exhausted.

Such exhaustion from random, semi-intense exercise is dangerous and can cause headaches, dizziness, or the inability to sleep for longer periods, and leads to the body not being able to function properly. This can lead to further issues in your life, making your efficiency drop at work or in school due to exhaustion, which means you could potentially lose your job or underperform academically. All in all, building up endurance is a major reason for why a slim person should exercise, the simple ability of handling physical activity for longer periods or being able to effectively use your muscles greatly affects everyday life.

Prevention of Disease or Illness

Lack of physical activity is no doubt dangerous for overweight people, as they have a higher chance of contracting diseases, however it is arguably more dangerous for thin people as symptoms of poor health due to lack of exercise are often invisible. You can tell if a person is overweight due to them still having the visible fat, however a slim person could still be harmed by their poor diet and lack of exercise, but with no visible symptoms. Slim people can still suffer from conditions such as heart disease due to a lack of proper diet and exercise. Also, without having visible warnings that someone’s health is deteriorating means that check-up appointments are a lot rarer for thin people, meaning when an illness or disease is identified, it could be too late. That’s why doing exercise while being thin is absolutely vital, as poor health symptoms are rare and difficult to identify. A regime of exercise with a healthy diet develops the immune system, making the body better equipped to fight illnesses like heart disease, type two diabetes, and bowel cancer.

Keeping the slim figure

Most ‘naturally’ thin people are like this due to their high metabolism and many people, no matter how hard they try, may never gain weight because their metabolism is just that good. However, you cannot bank on the idea that your metabolism will keep you thin for the rest of your life, as there are many examples that people’s high metabolism in their early life significantly weakened with each year resulting in swift weight gain, increasing the risk of diseases like diabetes. It is important that no matter how thin you are, and how good you think your metabolism is, you should stay active and exercise to prevent any future weight gain which then could be a lot harder to lose.

So, why should you exercise even if you are thin? Simply put, it is equally vital to build up endurance and strength no matter what your body type is, to prevent any diseases and strengthen your immune system.

Authored by guest writer Szymon Pilas.