Healthy and Hearty Winter Meals

When the wind is hollowing outside and the cold air scratches your face as you try to carry out your day to day activities, there is nothing better than a nice warm meal at the end of the day. With this said, it can be hard to make a hearty meal a healthy meal as our body wants something filling and satisfying, not rabbit food. Read on to find out some of the perfect winter meals…

Meat and Potato Pie

One of the greatest northern foods has got to be pie. After all, it is filling, warm and definitely satisfying. Plus, the nutrients and minerals found in the veggies and meat filling more than makes up for the fat that can be found in the pastry.

Homemade Soup

Whilst it can be much easier to open a tin of something shop bought, nothing beats the feeling of making your very own batch of homemade soup. After all, the possibilities are endless with the correct ingredients and you can be one hundred percent certain what exactly is in the liquid blend rather than relying on label packaging.


The most important aspect of a winter meal is that it is nice and hot and one of the best qualities of a stew is that it warms the soul as well as the stomach. In fact, a beef stew is extremely simple to make and can be left to cook during the day whilst you wrap up warm and catch up on the latest movies.

Here at The Healthy Living and Fitness we think that there is nothing better than a nice and warm meal at the end of a cold winters day. After all, we may be in March but the forecast isn’t exactly telling us spring is just around the corner! Do you have any healthy and hearty meals that are perfect for settling around the fire with? Get in contact with a member of the team today and let us know!

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