The Festive Spices of Christmas

Although many people tend to think about sweet and savoury dishes when it comes to Christmas, there is nothing wrong with the implementation of spice too. In fact, there are dozens of different spices that are frequently added to festive dishes in order to improve their flavour and excite the taste buds! Read on the team here at The Healthy Living and Fitness go over the top three…


Perfect for both sweet and salty dishes, cinnamon is a warm spice that simply screams Christmas. After all, it can be found in baked treats, apple sauce, warm drinks and even decorations thanks to its signature aroma. Interestingly, cinnamon is frequently used medicinally in order to treat indigestion and nausea, however it makes a great sweetener in Christmas cookies or sprinkled inside a traditional cinnamon roll.


Grown in Jamaica, Africa, India, Australia and China, ginger is the root part of the plant and is a popular spice used in order to make Gingerbread Man cookies. In fact, no Christmas is complete without attempting to construct a gingerbread house that stands for longer than five minutes! Known for adding warmth and spice to a dish, ginger naturally reduces inflammation and is often drank in tea.


With its warm and spicy aroma, Nutmeg is a popular Christmas ingredient that is traditionally used in both mulled wine and Christmas pudding. In fact, it can actually be added to ginger tea in order to settle the stomach after a big meal. With this said, the spice is toxic in large quantities which is why it is typically used sparingly.

According to statistics, the traditional turkey Christmas dinner is going out of fashion each year as families are starting to look for more convenient and interesting alternatives. In fact, a surprising number of British people actually go out to a restaurant rather than cooking themselves and many will entertain foreign delicacies too. If you’re looking for spicy and authentic Indian and Pakistani cuisine this Christmas, Royal Nawaab, a restaurant found in Manchester and London, has got you covered! Get in contact with a member of the team and book your table today!