Top Lifestyle Tips for Starting a Healthier Routine

Starting a new routine is often on our minds. With the hustle and bustle of modern living it can be very difficult to take those vital moments for inward focus and reflection, and even more difficult to even attempt establishing a new routing with work and family commitments to work around! But after the last few years, most especially with the pandemic and lockdowns, we are in sore need of new and healthier routines, more than ever before! To alleviate some of this stress, we’ve broken down some of the most basic foundational tip and tricks for establishing a new, healthier routine designed to keep you healthy and happy!

  1. No more lie-ins

This one requires a little willpower, and a lot of effort! The best way to go about establishing a new routine is to start with the routine itself, and that starts when you wake up in the morning! Pulling the duvet over your head for five more minutes is the perfect way to ensure a slow, sluggish morning feeling unproductive. Setting an early alarm – even on days you don’t need to get up – is the most important first step in becoming a healthier you.

  • Exercise early

Exercise is a well-known staple of any healthy routine; you don’t need us to tell you! But did you know that exercising early in your day is the perfect way to give yourself energy and endorphins for the rest of the day ahead? Working out early will keep your focused and alert, rousing your brain efficiently into wakefulness. But if it’s huge gains you’re looking for, research suggests that evening exercise has a bigger impact on metabolic growth!

  • Plenty of fluids

You may think this one is common sense, but a surprising number of people don’t drink enough water! Did you know that 75% of US citizens are chronically dehydrated? Due to their high sodium diet and dehydrating caffeinated drinks, they are actually suffering from a net fluid loss; they’re losing more water than they’re drinking. Chronic dehydration can cause fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, and irritability. You won’t get anywhere in your new routine without being properly hydrated!

  • Enlist help

There’s no shame in struggling, especially when the vast majority of people also struggle with that exact same thing! Yet we tend to hold onto feelings of shame and failure if we try to establish new, healthier behaviours and then slip backwards. But this is normal! Beating yourself up over it will only exacerbate feelings of guilt and demoralise you. That’s why it’s best to tell a friend your plans, for support and boosts when needed! Enlisting the right friend can be the difference between maintaining your routine and slipping back into old habits. Find someone who’s willing to give you a little nudge in the right direction, it will make all the difference!